Steven Hardwick Associates, Derbyshire, UK
Mechanical Design Engineers

Since the inception of SHAL in the UK in 1988, it has been our quest to build a company of mechanical design engineers capable of carrying out demanding and innovative engineering projects. To this end, our Derbyshire based workforce was assembled utilising "hand picked" personnel known to the Directors over the many years spent in the UK engineering market.

The disciplines normally only offered by the larger organisations, are all available "IN HOUSE" at SHAL.

As mechanical design engineers, we work in a modern facility based in Derbyshire. This was purchased in 1994 and includes a design and drawing office, large capacity machines, fabrication area and assembly space, all serviced by a 15 ton overhead crane.

Installation and commissioning forms a large part of our overall service as mechanical design engineers We can relocate existing equipment, encompassing re-design or modernisation if required, through to turnkey projects.

Inspections, surveys and report facilities (including underwater inspections) are also a feature of our service.

At SHAL mechanical design engineers, we feel it is very important that you will be dealing with one of the three principles of the Company at our Derbyshire base, from enquiry through to final handover.

Hopefully any prospective clients should take some comfort from browsing the projects that our UK mechanical design engineers have successfully completed, along with various references and our impressive client base.

SHAL Engineers
Deepdale Close
Hartington Industrial Estate
S43 3YF

Tel: 01246 471471
Fax: 01246 471747


mechanical engineering montage
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